Once your braces are removed, retainers are used to hold your teeth in their new positions until your bone, gums and muscles adapt to the new smile. The retention period is an important part of your overall treatment and should not be neglected.

The retention phase of treatment is considerably longer than the bracing period. We ask you to wear your lower retainer full time for eight years or until age 21, whichever is longer. Please wear your upper retainer full time for two years after your braces are removed. After two years, you may wear your upper retainer at night only, provided it fits well and your teeth don't "shift". Otherwise you may need to continue full time wear. Use your retainer cases to KEEP YOUR VALUABLE RETAINER SAFE.

It is important to keep regular check-ups with your family dentist. Observation of our patients who wear retainers have shown us that most patients do a good job of caring for their smile. They wear the retainers as we recommend even without regular visits to our office. As a result, you will no longer have regularly scheduled check-ups. If your retainers are not fitting, lost, or broken, call us to schedule an appointment. Remember it's in your best interest to maintain the beautiful smile you have worked so hard to achieve.


Now that you have completed the bracing and retention periods, we recommend a Fiberotomy. Fiberotomy is a procedure that your family dentist or a specialist will perform and consists of clipping the fibers between your teeth and gums. These fibers surrounding your teeth have memory, this means that they will try to move your teeth back to the way they were before braces. When these fibers are clipped, the memory is erased and lessens the potential for these teeth to turn.